Stilbite cluster
Stilbite cluster

Stilbite cluster

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We have just hand selected some amazing new zeolite clusters! All the pieces are ethically sourced! They are just insanely perfect.. 

Being crystal healers, Apophyllite seems to be our go-to stone! It has an incredible water content in the stone. It has a high water content, which means it is a great energy maestro. Apophyllite helps create the connection between the physical and spiritual fields.

Stilbite has an amazing energy. It has this incredibly sense to sooth and calm the mind. It helps with racing thoughts and anxiety for over thinkers. It has a wonderful way of comforting those that are experiencing loss as it has a healing heart base.

Stilbite is apart of the Zeolite family. And if often found with Apophyllite. When stilbite is connected to other zeolites, it has the power to amplify their energies.

Its a total loving and compassionate stone. Its said to help heal the heart after an emotional break up.

These stones also have powerful clearing and cleansing properties, which give it the ability to amplify the energy of a space or other crystals placed near it.

20.1cm x 11.9cm