Soul Ascension Candle
Soul Ascension Candle
Soul Ascension Candle

Soul Ascension Candle

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Soul Ascension is all about spiritual awakening. 

Ascension, by definition, is the path of those who are choosing to consciously step into a higher level of light. It's a personal choice to fiercely step into the unknown in order to expand your spiritual awakening! 

Ascension is actively choosing to evolve into higher consciousness.

Ascension is merging with your higher self, opening your heart, and expanding to reunite with Source, and connect with the divine.

Ascension is a process of aligning with higher consciousness and with the Divine. It doesn't happen instantly or automatically, but rather ascension happens incrementally, as you increasingly open your mind, heart and soul. 

Ascension is not only spiritual, physical, or mental. The ascension process has an impact on your entire being and how you perceive, relate to and interact with the world around you. Ascension is a total transformation. To ascend is to realign with Divine Love, and with awareness at an expanded level of consciousness.

With this candle, you work with you belief to open to your souls ascension. Allowing for spiritual awakening. 

“I am now vibrating in my highest frequency. I radiate love and harmony. I am open to receiving my spiritual guidance and fulfil my divine purpose”

Amethyst Crystal is a beautiful antidote to almost every ascension symptom due to its calming energy, clearing effect, and ability to raise your vibration and state of being.

Clear Quartz  dispels negative energy of all kinds. It is useful for connecting with higher spirits. It is also useful for receiving energies from the divine. Aids communication with every dimension. 

Aura rose Quartz crystal will help you find a strong self love along your soul ascension journey. It will cleanse your aura of negative energy. While it facilitates communication and connection with Higher Realms, with our guides, and with our past lives

Palo Santo will help you reach unity with the universe. It helps your mind and soul enter a deep state of meditation and feeling of peace. It will cleanse the aura and space around you. 

please remove the palo stock after the first burn of the candle. Then you can use this to cleanse your sacred space, ones self and energy. By burning it. Holding the stick by one edge, you set fire to its tip on the other side. Wait until a small part of it evenly lights up. Then carefully put it out, blowing or waving it in the air. Let the smoke rise freely in the air.

The candle is made with essential oil blend of frankincense and Myrrh. A Blend to help anxiety, calm the mind. Myrrh helps bring a sense of balance and peace to the room.

Care Institutions -  For the first burn, burn an even wax pool across the surface of the candle. Never burn for longer than TWO hours at a time. Trim the week on the second burn, before lighting. 

It’s important to leave the crystals in the candle, until the last burn. The crystals, together with natural essential oils. Work in the most effective way. Essential oils combined with crystal power are the perfect way to help you to anchor & embody your divine energy in the present moment. Essential oils simulate the limbic system: the brains healing mechanisms. Together with the vibrations of mother earths crystals. The consistency of the oscillations an harmonize the body.

100 Hour burn time.


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