Rainbow Moonstone Rough Chunks

Rainbow Moonstone Rough Chunks

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We All know that Rainbow moonstone is one of our number one used and favorite crystal, here at Blissme Home. Its defiantly its connection to Mother Luna!

Did you know Moonstone is a form of labradorite? another magical stone that radiates moon energy! is about deep spirituality and connection with inner self, and a good stone to promote inner balance in life. The properties of moonstone use for spiritual and physical healing.

Use this beautiful pearl like stone, in connection with the new moon and full moon rituals. Connecting with Rainbow Moonstone, you can release any suppressed emotions and feelings. It can help bring a calm mind. Let the rainbow energy cleanse your spirit. Its energy is magnified during the full moon and new moon. So take that time, to work with this crystal. 

Rainbow moonstone energy can feel like a wave of healing moving through your entire chakric body.  It’s gentle energy encourages you to reveal these hidden thoughts or stresses in a way that feels safe. With each tidal push, deep fears reach closer to the surface. Once exposed, that’s where the true work can begin.

It is a stone of new beginnings. Fresh starts. Allow its rainbows to make you feel good!

300-500 grams