Pink Amethyst obelisks
Pink Amethyst obelisks

Pink Amethyst obelisks

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Obelisks harness energy much like pyramids, having a crystal cut into these shapes can greatly enhance the energetic power and potency of the crystal. 

Pink Amethyst has meaning and properties that fills your heart with love energy and it can reduce various kinds of anxiety and fear. You can have calm and peaceful mind by using it. If you can fill your mind enough, you can change yourself to attract happiness or a good relation ship. It is also good to use when you need energy to make a step forward.

Pink Amethyst can also enhance its owner's intuition. It has the power to see through the good and the bad of things. It would wake your instinctive sense and you can see the essence at a glance. The gemstone can maximize its owner's benefit and exclude disadvantages.

It can also be used to keep your energy clean. Pink Amethyst can discharge negative inner energy and emotion from your body. It is also good to use when you want to adjust your rhythm of daily life. If you tend to feel stress every day, try putting the moon under your pillow. Said, to keep away bad dreams as well.

Pink amethyst fills your heart with love - she radiates a soothing energy that helps reduce anxiety and fear. She encourages you to take positive steps towards your desires and attracts happiness and good energy to your heart and home.

These pink amethyst is a rare crystal find. The pink amethyst has only recently been discovered in 2019, in Argentina!  This stone is a must have for the serious crystal enthusiast! 

 This gorgeous generator has the most amazing glitter sparkles through it. With caves that make you smile, just from the sparkly flecks!




310 grams