Pink Amethyst cluster

Pink Amethyst cluster

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These Pink Amethyst geodes are everything you need to set a soft, soothing mood for your space. Pink Amethyst crystals may have a delicate shade and a light energy, but they are actually a high-vibrational stone with the power to help you conquer your negativity. Bring ease to your mind with the comforting and relaxing energy of these Pink Amethyst geodes. A Pink Amethyst crystal in the bedroom, and particularly on the nightstand so that it is close to you while you sleep, will usher you into a restful night’s sleep. By connecting with the third eye and heart chakras, the Pink Amethyst properties cleanse the mind of anxieties that keep you up at night. At the same time, its pink hue fills your spirit and your space with comfort and support.Its loving energy massages away tension that has built up, and restores your sense of peace.

These pink amethyst geodes are a rare crystal find. The pink amethyst has only recently been discovered in 2019, in Argentina!  This stone is a must have for the serious crystal enthusiast!