Elle est French collection
Elle est French collection

Elle est French collection

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“Elle est” 

The new French collection. Elle est, meaning “she is”. 
she is bold, she is fierce, she is breathtaking, she is unique. She is....

The luxury additions, made in clean simple glassware. Adorning white linen labels. They are blended with high end perfumery fragrance, to create a very luxurious ambience. 

Elle est - magnifique  

This blend a timeless feminine essence. Embodied with floral musk, ylang ylang, rose, vertiver & Jasmine. A elegant perfume blend, that mimics a Chanel boutique! 

Elle est - belle 

This perfumed blend of luxury sweet florals, lingers through the space, leaving nothing but uplifting notes of vanilla, jasmine, patchouli, orchid & bergamot. 

Each candle made with 100% coconut wax & natural based Fragrances. With a cracking wooden wick.


These candles need to be lit with a long match or bbq lighter.

Please follow burning instructions : For the first burn, its important to allow the wax to completely melt across the candle surface. After the first burn, before relighting your candle, trim your wick. Leave at least 1cm of wick to light. This helps ensure a longer lasting candle, maximise fragrance & eliminate soot. Do not burn a candle for longer than four hours at a time. Do not leave your lit candle unattended.



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