Druzy Chalcedony Coral crystal

Druzy Chalcedony Coral crystal

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Blue Chalcedony is a great stone for encouragement. Its energy is great for those that find it tough in large groups of people or having to speak in front of a large audience.

It is a stone of peace. It encourages still mind and clam in the home. It helps ease stress and promotes a sense of soothing energy. Chalcedony eases self-doubt. It will help you bring inner peace and reflection on one’s self. It will help you with optimism when fleecing overwhelmed or miserable in situations.

Blue Chalcedony centres and calms the brains emotional centre field. It is a good crystal for those who tend to suffer anxiety or worry to much. It will help you look and focus on like in the present moment instead of projecting into the future. It will assist in creating boundaries for yourself. Its defiantly a must have for those who have anxiety, anger or fear. It will promote its calming energies into you and assist in restoring clarity in the situation.


Blue Chalcedony is a powerful stone for communicating with Spirit and can be used to encourage speaking in tongues or the language of Light. It is greatly beneficial in repairing wounds and deep anger patterns in the energy field.

It stimulates telepathy and all communications with the invisible realms, assisting in the remembrance of past lives and articulating regained wisdom. Because it connects to the subconscious, Blue Chalcedony is a good stone for those in therapy or those who counsel others.