Eight pack Crystal & essential oil candle tins

Eight pack Crystal & essential oil candle tins

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Our crystal tin candles are now available in a pack of eight.

One for every emotion. Each with its own properties for healing the soul & mind. 

It’s the divine energy from mother earths beauties. Essential oils infused with crystals. Do you know how amazing these two natural sources work together? 

Crystals & Essential oils, work together in ways unimaginable. Essential oils combined with crystal power are the perfect way to help you to anchor & embody your divine energy in the present moment. Essential oils simulate the limbic system: the brains healing mechanisms. Together with the vibrations of mother earths crystals. The consistency of the oscillations an harmonize the body.

The candle blends have been designed & formulated to work with your body & soul. 


Peace - Rose Quartz. Essential oils Rose & Ylang ylang. To bring peace & healing. To help with healing of the heart & self love. Botanicals organic rose

Clarity - Clear Quartz. Essential oils of Chamomile, Chai & rosemary. For clarity in each day & calming energy. Dried chai botanicals.

Balance - Rainbow Moonstone. Essential oils of Mrryh & Jasmine. To help balance the mind & soul when feeling uneasy. Botanicals of organic Calendula flower.

Relax - Amethyst. Essential oils of Amber & Lavender. For the night time essential down time. Use to relax & unwind. Organic lavender botanicals

Grounded  - Smoky Quartz. Essential oil blend of Cedarwood & clove. To help with grounding & stabilising ones mood. Use for protection & over coming emotions. Finished with Corn flower botanicals

Anxiety- Blue Lace Agate. Essential oil blend of Chamomile & clary sage. Blue lace agate  is a calming stone, it is used help to calm your nerves and reduce your anxiety. It dispels nervousness and is an emotional healing stone. 

Prosperity - Citrine. Essential oil blend of black tea, chai, peppermint & Wild orange. To help bring abundance, not only financially, but emotional happiness. It’s a stone for manifestation . Helping you to achieve your goals. Finished with a mix of dried botanicals. 

Cleanse - Tourmaline. Essential oil blend of sage, rosemary & lemongrass. To help cleanse negativity, rid your space of bad vibes & tourmaline to protect.

Made with coconut wax & natural Essential oils. Leave the crystal in until the last burn to allow maximum healing energies. Made with a wooden wick.

Please follow our burn guide when burning a candle. 

Never burn a tin candle for longer than an hour at a time. 

Burn time - 20hours 100grams