Crackle Quartz

Crackle Quartz

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Crackle Quartz, with all of its beautiful rainbows, holds the power of pure happiness & joy, bringing harmony and balance to the emotional body. It is known as the "stone of power" and has the same properties as the traditional quartz crystal making it an excellent stone for meditation, and channeling your spirit guides & angels. Just like the rainbows in the sky, they bring promise of hope & renewed life, and is a great stone to use for manifesting your hearts desire. This stone will amplify and harmonize any crystal you place next to it.

They are often referred to as the stone of “fire & ice”. 

Crackled quartz counteracts negative energy. It is known as an excellent amulet to avoid evil energy. It is also useful with regaining positive emotions and energy. It will make your thoughts clearer and fill them with positivity.

Crackle quartz retains the healing qualities of quartz as well as the chakra properties that have been introduced by the enhanced colour. Crackle Quartz is pure Quartz crystal that has been super heated and then dyed to give it vibrant colours. This chakra governs creative and emotional energy.