Clear Quartz Cluster

Clear Quartz Cluster

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A Grade Clear Quartz, covers all the bodies Chakras.

It is the most powerful of all crystals. Clear quarts with multiple points, radiate immense energies 

It is a cleansing crystals. It can also be used to amplify the energies of the crystals around it. It encourages clarity of the mind and improves balance.

It has the ability to focus, amplify, store, and transform energies. It can help the mind eliminate negative thoughts. Bring clarity to the mind and ease worries.

Clear quartz cluster with crystal points have multiple energy to benefit an entire room. You can also place other crystals on top of a clear quartz cluster carefully to recharge them. Quartz clusters has more life energy. Clusters also bring balance into our body. They are a great tool to use in manifestation, it will send and store energy.