Self Love Bundle Box
Self Love Bundle Box

Self Love Bundle Box

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The perfect gift, even just for you! Self love is what we all need from time to time. We have carefully curated this box of self love products, all made with natural ingredients, healing energies and rose quartz crystals. The crystal off “Self Love”.

Pre Order - These boxes will be available as of 1st of October. All pre orders dispatched within one week of arriving.

Included in the Self love Box 

Self love bath soak - 

A perfect curated soak to help promote self love. This bath ritual is so important for all that need to have a little love for themselves! Made with an amazing blend of dried botanicals to bath like a goddess .

Himalayan salt, Dead Sea salt, magnesium flakes and a divine essential oil blend.

Infused with a large rose quartz palm stone to add to your bath water. Rose Quartz the stone of love, let it help bring your vibrations higher and allow self love to inhibit the body. 


Self Love Affirmation Candle - 

With blessing from above, she brings you love & healing light. With words to ignite the passion from within. Not only for others around you, but for yourself. To believe in you, to have love for you. 

Affirmation : I deserve the love I give so freely, to those around me. I deserve self love. Infused with rose quartz for self love & opening the heart to all types of love. It will help raise your self esteem. Balance your emotions and bring healing love energy to your life. Clear quartz to amplify the energies of the rose quartz, but also being the master healer. Essential oil blend of lavender, sweet orange, cinnamon & rose.

Self Love Body oil - 

Designed fo help bring self love to your whole existence. Infused with rose quartz to help promote the energy of self love. Enriched with jojoba oil, rose hip oil, evening primrose oil. 

This nourishing blend is perfect to help hydrate the skin daily! Lemon essential oil, geranium essential oil and neroli essential oil, infuse your skin with vitamins, fatty acids and antioxidants to rejuvenate and create a subtle glow. Perfectly suited to all skins types, this fast absorbing elixir leaves skin feeling smooth, soft! 

organic rose buds & rose quartz infused.


Peace & Healing essential oils roller - 

Peace & Healing infused with rose quartz.

This pairing will help heal ones self. from the outside in.

The crystals, together with natural essential oils. Work in the most effective way. Essential oils combined with crystal power are the perfect way to help you to anchor & embody your divine energy in the present moment. Essential oils simulate the limbic system: the brains healing mechanisms. Together with the vibrations of mother earths crystals. The consistency of the oscillations an harmonize the body.


Sage Bundle - 

Organic white sage & lavender smudging bundles. 

Variations of lemon verbena, geranium, statice, Ixodia, Rosemary, lavender and rose. With white sage. To help eliminate negativity and bring positive vibes to your space. 
Rose Quartz Chunk - rose Quartz works with all aspects of love. One being finding and having self love. Use this crystal to help balance emotions of the heart and bring peace and love daily. 

*Packaged in a white box. $180 Worth of products. *Boxes are wrapped with linen ribbon. Colour can vary, from blush pink, white and pale pink.